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Get the Right Mindset

Making of a Civil Service Officer

Mind set of an IAS Officer

7 Strategies to crack CSE

8th Strategy to crack CSE

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Build the top Habits

NCERT Reading

Critical Thinking & Analysis

Answer Writing

Confidence Boosting

PYQ Solving

Prelims solving strategies

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Our Courses

Mains Cum Prelims Course

Foundation Course

Optional Subject

Habit Building


Learning Methods

Revision Methods

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Study Materials

Mains Cum Prelims

General Studies 1

General Studies 2

General Studies 3

General Studies 4

Essay Preperation

Current Affairs


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About Us

Hi Guys!

At Top Notch IAS, we are committed to shaping the future leaders of our nation through our unparalleled IAS coaching services in Trivandrum. With a blend of expertise, innovation, and personalized attention, we strive to empower every aspirant to achieve their dream of cracking the prestigious Civil Services Examination.


"At Top Notch IAS, choose from our diverse range of courses, including Mains Cum Prelims Batch, IAS Foundation Course and Personality Development Workshops. Tailored to your needs, we pave your path to success."

Mains Cum prelims Batch 2025

"Join our exclusive Mains cum Prelims 2025 batch at Top Notch IAS and gain a competitive edge. With comprehensive coverage, systemetic revisionm, rigorous test series, and expert guidance, prepare to conquer both stages of the Civil Services Examination."

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IAS Foundation Course

"Embark on your IAS journey early with our specialized Foundation Course tailored for college students. Designed to build a strong conceptual base, our program at Top Notch IAS ensures holistic preparation alongside your academic pursuits, paving the way for success in the Civil Services Examination."

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"Elevate your preparation with our exclusive Mentorship Program at Top Notch IAS, where personalized attention is paramount. Benefit from one-on-one guidance, tailored study plans, and insightful feedback from seasoned mentors, ensuring your success in the IAS examination."

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